Our New Website

Hello everyone and welcome to our new website!

Early this year, we unveiled our new logo. We redesigned our company website following the same clean and crisp theme. More than just a new design, we focused on adding and improving some features that you, our visitors, customers, and potential team members, would love.

The new website is modern, leveraging on responsive design. This makes it easier for you to view it on your desktop, tablet, and phone.

Another new feature in the website is that we added a dropdown for purpose of emailing us in the Contact page. This allows us to properly distribute your messages to the correct communication channels, making our response quicker.

And finally, underneath the design, we made the code much lighter so that the website loads significantly faster.

Our website is not only our company's but also yours. We hope you like our new website.

On behalf of Zeaple, thank you and have an awesome week!

Hubert Ursua

— Sun, 10 Feb 2013

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