Our Name

Zeaple (pronounced as zee ∙ pol) is a mashup of the words zeal and people. These two things are the foundations of the company—a group of people who are passionate with what they do.


The company began in 2009 as a small IT consulting firm founded by Jon Conanan and Hubert Ursua. Back then, the company focused its resources in delivering low cost websites to small businesses.

From then, the company grew expanding its reach and services. It is a competitive IT service provider across the global market, having clients in different continents. Zeaple is now one of the top companies in web design in the country. In addition to web design, the company now offers systems and mobile applications development.

The People

Each person in the company keeps a youthful mindset. We are very open to each other's ideas and we encourage our team members to pursue what they dream. The company name itself embodies this value.

We allow our people to work at their own time and place. We want them to do their jobs not because they have to, but because they like what they do.

We love to explore and experiment on both new and old technologies. We grow and gain greater experience because of this. We brave into the unknown.